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Ruime keuze aan oplaadstations
Ruime keuze aan oplaadstations

Charging stations

At Hotel Apeldoorn, we understand the importance of sustainable travel. That's why we offer our guests a wide selection of electric vehicle charging stations. Our facilities include:

20 Tesla Superchargers: specially designed for fast charging, perfect for Tesla users.

24 Valk Energy Chargers: Reliable and efficient, suitable for a variety of electric vehicles.

8 Shell Recharge: Advanced charging solutions compatible with multiple car brands.

1 Nio Changing Station: A unique service that offers the ability to quickly change your Nio vehicle's battery.

These charging stations are available to our guests 24/7, so you can always be assured of a charged vehicle, ready for your next trip.


  • Tesla charging
  • 20 Superchargers
  • CCS compatibility
  • Available 24/7
  • NIO charging station
  • Shell Recharge