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Dinerdeal for €32,50

Enjoy a delicious three-course dinner for a price of € 32.50 per person.



  • Classic carpaccio

    of thinly sliced beef, mixed lettuce, pine nuts, truffle dressing, croutons & Parmesan cheese

  • Goat cheese

    with a dates salad, flat peach, chicory, apple syrup & hazelnuts

  • Bonbon of smoked Norwegian salmon

    with lettuce, coarse mustard, sweet and sour mini cucumber, curry cream & sourdough crouton

Main courses

Main courses

  • Wiener schnitzel

    garnished with bell pepper, mushroom, red onion & Stroganoff sauce

  • Chef's specialty

    grilled short ribs with sweet and sour cauliflower, apple compote & BBQ sauce

  • Grilled salmon

    served with spinach, Jerusalem artichoke, grilled carrot, artichoke & Hollandaise sauce

  • Lasagna of mushrooms *

    with cheese, spinach, pumpkin, parsnip, popcorn & a sauce of curry

    * Vegetarian


  • Soup of Dutch red fruits

    with a sorbet of buttermilk, basil, mango cream & crispy almond


    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate & hot chocolate sauce