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The Glass House
The Glass House
Diner time

The Glass House

Our beautiful Glass House in the garden with our own terrace and a lot of different possibilities. Looking for a unique and inspiring location? Then get to know 'The Glass House'!

'The Glass House' is located directly on the garden and has a beautiful view over our entire garden. There is also a bar, clothing room and private toilets. “The Glass House” also has large open doors. This creates a very pleasant atmosphere during a festive summer evening.

The location of 'The Glass House' is also a good base for outdoor activities on the site! Think, for example, of a tour by our gardener along the vegetable garden, beehive or bird hotel. Or how about a sheep herding workshop?


  • A served lunch or dinner
  • A buffet in different themes
  • A festive reception
  • A delicious winter barbecue
  • Different outdoor activities
  • Party time!
  • Private terrace
  • Garden view


Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn
Landgoedlaan 26
7325 AW Apeldoorn

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