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The city

Apeldoorn is a relaxed city for shopping. The city center is modern, but above the modern facades you often see beautiful characteristic buildings. In addition to large department stores and retail chains, Apeldoorn offers many nice boutiques. Be surprised by the diversity of trendy, practical, hip, funny and special stores


The history of Apeldoorn goes back to the year 792 when it was called "villa ut marca Appoldro" in a donation deed. In the beginning and the centuries thereafter, Apeldoorn was a small village that consisted of a few houses. Thanks to the paper industry Apeldoorn has managed to put itself on the map by the end of the 16th century and has grown into a big city.

The centre

The center of Apeldoorn is a mixture of old and new. In parts of the center '' old Apeldoorn '' is still clearly recognizable. There are around 580 monumental objects throughout the city, divided into approximately 450 municipal monuments and "iconic buildings" and 132 national monuments. This makes Apeldoorn a typical monument city.

Park area

In the Parkenbuurt, to the north of the center, there are many old mansions, sometimes richly decorated. There is a lot of green in this district for the concepts of Apeldoorn. In 2005 the district was declared a protected cityscape.